Avoid Counterfeits

Medication counterfeits can be risky and dangerous. It’s important to be sure that the medication you take is supplied by a company you can trust that sources its product from approved suppliers.

YourEDrx.com is a program offering developed by A&J Pharmacy, LLC, a fully licensed NY pharmacy located in Rochester, NY. We source all of our medicines, including Sildenafil, from only certified/approved manufacturers and suppliers.

Here at A&J Pharmacy, we are vigilant in our care and protection of all of our customers, in particular with the concerns associated with drug counterfeits. This is why we developed this unique product offering as a means to provide a safe, secure medicines source for our customers.

Here’s how we provide the necessary safeguards to ensure trust for our online customers:

  • We require a valid prescription from a qualified healthcare professional in order for a purchase from our website.
  • Our pharmacy is a fully licensed, U.S. based pharmacy with a retail store based in Rochester, NY.
  • We source our sildenafil medicines from only certified/approved U.S. Suppliers.