At A&J Pharmacy, we pride ourselves in finding the best prices and passing them on to our customers as part of our mantra of “keeping the cost of healthcare affordable”. In addition, we’re able to provide some of the best prices for Sildenafil in the U.S. versus the big box stores because we have lower overhead and operational costs.

As part of our Quality Assurance policies to keep our clients safe, we do not accept prescriptions that are faxed or emailed by patients. We will only accept a valid prescription sent to our pharmacy via an ‘electronic prescription’ or ‘E-Prescribing’ from your doctor. This is a prescriber’s ability to send an accurate, error-free and understandable prescription directly to a pharmacy from the point-of-care (typically from a doctor’s office).

If your doctor is unable to send an ‘electronic prescription’, we will accept an email and/or fax from the point-of-care or the doctor’s office.

We have the right to refuse or decline any prescription request that does not come officially from a point-of-care or doctor office.

When the patent on Viagra expired, generics were able to be produced which provided a lower cost alternative. Sildenafil has the same active ingredients as that of Viagra but at a fraction of the cost. In addition, there are other benefits of the YourEDrx.com program:

  1. No pre-authorization for insurance is needed to receive this prescription.
    (saves time for doctors, no pre-authorization paperwork, no insurance rejections)
  2. Because this is a cash payment (e.g. pay via credit/debit card) – no insurance is required.
  3. You only need a prescription from your doctor.
  4. Cost effective – Because Sildenafil is a generic product , we’re able to offer this program of 90 pills (20 mg tablets) for $60.00 US dollars.
  5. Compare our price and savings versus national chain store averages for this same prescription ($60 vs. >$500+ for 90 pills (20 mg tablets)
  6. Trusted source – we are a licensed, certified retail pharmacy based out of Rochester, NY.
  7. Easy to order, easy to refill